welcome to my new website

Welcome to my very first blog post here on my new website! If you’re already a follower of my work, thank you! If this is your first time joining me, welcome!  I’ve been dropping little hints on social media that big things were brewing and I’m so excited to finally announce them! 

For starters, my new website!!! I am so so SO excited to finally have launched. This project has been a labour of love with many late nights and early coffee induced mornings. I have to laugh at myself a little because in my mind, I had decided that I would have time to work on this site while continuing with my sessions, raising my 6 month old daughter Lilly, being a wonderful wife by having hot meals on the table daily for my sweet husband Derek, keeping our home in top notch condition, and brushing my hair daily... Ummm... yah right!
While I managed to keep Lilly flourishing, I was lacking in the dinner and housework department. Oh, and let’s not even talk about brushing my hair daily! But here it is, finally live and I hope you love it as much as I do!

So, there are a couple more exciting announcements to share. I’ll start with the most exciting! I am now offering studio newborn sessions! This has been something I wanted to offer for some time now but it was really important to me that I did it right. By that I mean, ensuring a safe environment for baby, a wonderful experience for the parents, and beautiful images for them to cherish for a lifetime. I knew I couldn’t just jump into this overnight so I sought out a highly skilled seasoned newborn photographer for one on one hands on training. The instructor I chose not only has extensive experience and is one of the leading newborn photographers, but she is in such high demand that she travels all over Europe conducting training workshops on the art of newborn photography. And lucky me, I snagged her for a few days of intensive one on one training! I am beyond thrilled to now offer these studio newborn sessions to my clients!

As part of this expansion to my services, I saw it only fitting to redecorate my studio! Hey, a reason to shop at Homesense? Yes please! 
My studio is now more comfortable than ever with newly added furniture and amenities such as fresh coffee, wifi, a changing station and oh so many pretty little touches. You’ll have to come by for a visit! You’ll just love it!

Okay, so as if all of the above is not exciting enough... there’s more! I am now offering GORGEOUS wall art and albums to preserve your images! My entire lineup is made in Canada, top of the line archival quality, stunning heirloom pieces that you’ll cherish forever. I’ll be sharing more info on this shortly and even posting photos of some of the beautiful fine art pieces you’ll be able to get your hands on, so stay tuned!

I feel like my business is finally coming together into the perfect little package that reflects who I am as a mother, a wife and a photographer. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Now, time to brush my hair. Thanks for reading and look out for my next post shortly!

xo Jennifer